Cutting Edge Stuff in the Pet Industry

People love their pets – there’s no doubt about it. They will bend over backwards to make sure their pets are happy, healthy, safe and pampered. As a result, there are many products that come up in the pet industry to achieve these goals.


Some of the more recent trends in the pet industry are activity monitors and smart collars. These are supposed to track your pet’s activity to see if they are reaching their desired activity goal. This should, at least in theory, help keep your dog or cat healthier. Some of these also monitor other aspects, such as the temperature of the environment, whether the pet is in water, how well your pet is sleeping, and so on. It is clear to see how strong this trend is, when you look at the number of new companies launching such proejcts. You can read several reviews if you want to compare some of these products.

Then there are also pet trackers — these track the location of your pet, often in real-time. Many of these products, such as some from Garmin and Dogtra really do enhance the safety of your dog, and should be instrumental in reducing the number of lost dogs. Many of these products are used for hunting dogs, who often venture far away from their owners, and are out of sight as well. However, these can also be used for dogs who are simply pets, but who have a tendency to escape from the yard, or simply dash out at top speed when they find the front door open.

Lots of people are keen to get the latest and greatest for their dear cats or dogs, so there are always eager buyers for these products!

Babbage Press Books

Most of the books published by Babbage Press fall under the horror or science fiction genre. Here are some books published by Babbage Press:

False Dawn:



Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s sci-fi novel is set in a post-apocalyptic world at the turn of the 21st century. It is the story of a mutant woman named Thea, and her journey with a human, Evan. Together, they hope to escape from the wicked forces and lead a safe life.

The Dark Country:

The Dark Country is a collection of fifteen short stories by Dennis Etchison. The mood and timbre of these stories is creepy and filled with horror. The title story in this collection was honored with the World Fantasy Award as well as the British Fantasy Award in a single year – a rare honor indeed!

The Height of the Scream:

Ramsey Campell is the author of this book. This book contains horror stories that can really make their way into the reader’s mind. A more detailed review of this book can be read at

Seeing Red:


David J. Schow has written this book. This is Schow’s first collection of short stories, one or more of which has won the World Fantasy Award. “Coming Soon to a Theater Near You” is included in this book.

Crypt Orchids is another book by this same author.



Some other books from Babbage Press include Control Freak by Christa Faust, A Splendid Chaos by John Shirley, and A Song for Lya by George R. R. Martin.

A Bit About Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage was truly a great mind. Without him, the world would have been a very different place today. It is widely accepted that Babbage is the one who came up with the idea of a programmable computer. As a result, he has been given the well-deserved title of “father of the computer.”

Computers are so intrinsic to the world as we know it, that it is truly difficult to imagine a world without them today. They pervade almost every facet of our lives today, whether its finding directions on Mapquest, ordering custom products online at Zuniquely, or even driving a Tesla!

In the early 1800s, when Babbage was a young man, the field of science was not recognized as it is nowadays. Luckily for him, and for the world, Babbage was independently wealthy and did not have to worry about mundane things like earning money for sustenance purposes. Instead, he was able to pursue his many varied interests. He was a mathematician, scientist and economist, to name just a few of his interests. He was at one point a professor of Mathematics at Cambridge.

Babbage invented two different kinds of engines: a Difference Engine and an Analytical Engine. A model of one of the difference engines can be seen in action at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

On a personal front, Babbage was very happily married to Georgiana Whitmore, whom he married against his father’s will. However, after 13 blissful years, Georgiana died. Babbage never remarried.